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Version: v1.31.2

OpenFeature Remote Evaluation Protocol (OFREP)

⚠️ Note that this a work in progress and the protocol is subject to change. ⚠️

OpenFeature Remote Flag Evaluation Protocol is an API specification for feature flagging that allows the use of generic providers to connect to any feature flag management systems that supports the protocol.

Currently, the protocol is in the early stages of development and is not yet ready for production use, but GO Feature Flag is supporting the protocol and is the first implementation of the protocol. We are part of the leading team in the protocol, and we try to follow the specification during the early stages of the protocol to allow people to try it and be able to develop the providers.

How to test it?

The OFREP implementation is part of the GO Feature Flag Relay Proxy. We have a new API endpoints /ofrep/v1/evaluate/flags/{key} and /ofrep/v1/evaluate/flags that you can use to test the protocol.

You just have to start the GO Feature Flag Relay Proxy (starting from version v1.24.0) and use the API to evaluate your flags. For this, follow the instruction on how to use the relay-proxy here.

Want to start even faster?

curl -o goff-proxy.yaml
docker run -p 1031:1031 -v $(pwd)/goff-proxy.yaml:/goff/goff-proxy.yaml thomaspoignant/go-feature-flag:latest

This will launch a GO Feature Flag Relay Proxy with a configuration file that will retrieve the flags from the test server.

Swagger is enabled, so you can directly go to http://localhost:1031/swagger/index.html to test the OFREP endpoints (the API Key to use is apikey1).

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