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Version: v0.25.2

Kubernetes configmaps

The KubernetesRetriever will access flags in a Kubernetes ConfigMap via the Kubernetes Go client


import (
restclient ""

config, _ := restclient.InClusterConfig()
err = ffclient.Init(ffclient.Config{
PollingInterval: 3 * time.Second,
Retriever: &ffclient.KubernetesRetriever{
Path: "file-example.yaml",
Namespace: "default"
ConfigMapName: "my-configmap"
Key: "somekey.yml"
ClientConfig: &config
defer ffclient.Close()

Configuration fields

To configure your retriever:

NamespaceThe namespace of the ConfigMap.
ConfigMapNameThe name of the ConfigMap.
KeyThe key within the ConfigMap storing the flags.
ClientConfigThe configuration object for the Kubernetes client

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