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Version: v0.28.2

Getting started


go get

SDK Initialisation

First, you need to initialize the ffclient with the location of your backend file.

err := ffclient.Init(ffclient.Config{
PollingInterval: 3 * time.Second,
Retriever: &httpretriever.Retriever{
URL: "",
defer ffclient.Close()

This example will load a file from an HTTP endpoint and will refresh the flags every 3 seconds (if you omit the PollingInterval, the default value is 60 seconds).

Evaluate your flags

Now you can evaluate your flags anywhere in your code.

user := ffuser.NewUser("user-unique-key")
hasFlag, _ := ffclient.BoolVariation("test-flag", user, false)
if hasFlag {
// flag "test-flag" is true for the user
} else {
// flag "test-flag" is false for the user

You can find more examples in the examples/ directory.

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