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Version: v1.10.4

Progressive rollout

A progressive rollout allows you to increase the percentage of your flag over time.

You can select a release ramp where the percentage of your flag will increase progressively between the start date and the end date.


variationA: A
variationB: B
variation: variationB
percentage: 0
date: 2021-03-20T00:00:00.1-05:00
variation: variationB
percentage: 100
date: 2021-03-21T00:00:00.1-05:00

Configuration fields


The dates are in the format supported natively by your flag file format.

releaseRampIt contains the time slot where we will progressively increase the percentage of the flag.
  • Before the start date we will serve the percentage.initial percentage of the flag.
  • Between start and end we will serve a percentage of the flag corresponding of the actual time.
  • After the end date we will serve the percentage.end percentage of the flag.

If you have no date in your releaseRamp we will not do any progressive rollout and use the top level percentage you have configured (0% in our example).

It represents the ramp of progress, at which level the flag starts (initial) and at which level it ends (end).
Default: initial = 0 and end = 100

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