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Version: v1.2.0

Lint your config

A faulty configuration could make GO Feature Flag not the way you expect.
This is why we have introduced the go-feature-flag-lint a command line tool validates that a flags file can be parsed by GO Feature Flag.


We recommend you to use this command line in your CI/CD pipelines to avoid any disappointment.

Install the linter

Install using Homebrew (mac and linux)

brew tap thomaspoignant/homebrew-tap
brew install go-feature-flag-lint

Install using Scoop (windows)

scoop bucket add org
scoop install go-feature-flag-lint

Install using Docker

docker pull thomaspoignant/go-feature-flag-lint:latest

Use the linter

./go-feature-flag-lint \
--input-format=yaml \

The command line has 2 arguments you should specify.

--input-file(mandatory) The location of your configuration file.
--input-format(mandatory) The format of your current configuration file.
Available formats are yaml, json, toml.

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