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Version: v1.31.0

Google Cloud Storage

The Google Cloud Storage Retriever will use the google-cloud-storage package and google-api-options package to access your flag in Google Cloud Storage.


err := ffclient.Init(ffclient.Config{
PollingInterval: 3 * time.Second,
Retriever: &gcstorageretriever.Retriever{
Options: []option.ClientOption{option.WithoutAuthentication()},
Bucket: "2093u4pkasjc3",
Object: "flags.yaml",
defer ffclient.Close()

Configuration fields

To configure your Google Cloud Storage file location:

BucketThe name of your bucket.
ObjectThe name of your object in your bucket.
OptionAn instance of option.ClientOption that configures your access to Google Cloud.
Check this documentation for more info.

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