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Version: v1.31.0


The mongodbRetriever will use the mongoDB database to get your flags.


err := ffclient.Init(ffclient.Config{
PollingInterval: 3 * time.Second,
Retriever: &mongodbretriever.Retriever{
Collection: "featureFlags",
Database: "appConfig",
URI: "mongodb://root:example@",
defer ffclient.Close()

Expected format

If you use MongoDB to store your flags, you need a specific format to store your flags.

We expect the flag to be stored in JSON format as defined in the flag format, but you should also add a new field called flag containing the name of the flag.

The retriever will read all the flags from the collection.


"flag": "new-admin-access",
"variations": {
"default_var": false,
"false_var": false,
"true_var": true
"defaultRule": {
"percentage": {
"false_var": 70,
"true_var": 30

Configuration fields

To configure your mongodb retriever:

CollectionName of the collection where your flags are stored
DatabaseName of the mongo database where the collection is located.
URIConnection URI of your mongoDB instance.

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