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Version: v1.31.0

Python Provider

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Install dependencies

The first thing we will do is install the Open Feature SDK and the GO Feature Flag provider.

pip install gofeatureflag-python-provider

Initialize your Open Feature client

To evaluate the flag you need to have an Open Feature configured in you app. This code block shows you how you can create a client that you can use in your application.

from gofeatureflag_python_provider.provider import GoFeatureFlagProvider
from gofeatureflag_python_provider.options import GoFeatureFlagOptions
from openfeature import api
from openfeature.evaluation_context import EvaluationContext

// ...

goff_provider = GoFeatureFlagProvider(
client = api.get_client(name="test-client")

Evaluate your flag

This code block explains how you can create an EvaluationContext and use it to evaluate your flag.

In this example, we are evaluating a boolean flag, but other types are also available.

Refer to the Open Feature documentation to know more about it.

// Context of your flag evaluation.
// With GO Feature Flag you MUST have a targetingKey that is a unique identifier of the user.
evaluation_ctx = EvaluationContext(
"email": "",
"firstname": "john",
"lastname": "doe",
"anonymous": False,
"professional": True,
"rate": 3.14,
"age": 30,
"company_info": {"name": "my_company", "size": 120},
"labels": ["pro", "beta"],

admin_flag = client.get_boolean_value(

if admin_flag:
# flag "flag-only-for-admin" is true for the user
# flag "flag-only-for-admin" is false for the user

Contribute to the provider

You can find the source of the provider in the repository.

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