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Version: v1.30.0

PubSub Exporter

The PubSub exporter will collect the data and publish an event on the topic for each evaluation we receive.

Configuration example

// ...
cfg, _ := config.LoadDefaultConfig(context.TODO())
DataExporter: ffclient.DataExporter{
// ...
Exporter: &pubsubexporter.Exporter{
ProjectID: "project-id", // required
Topic: "topic", // required
Options: []option.ClientOption{...},
PublishSettings: &pubsub.PublishSettings{...},
EnableMessageOrdering: true,
// ...

Configuration fields

ProjectID ID of GCP project.
You can find it in your GCP console
Topic Name of topic on which messages will be published
OptionsPubSub client options (see docs)
PublishSettingsTopic related settings (see docs)
EnableMessageOrderingEnables delivery of ordered keys

Check the godoc for full details.

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