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GO Feature Flag
Simple Feature Flagging for All

Ship Faster, Reduce Risk, and Build Scale
Feature flags lets you modify system behavior without changing code. Deploy every day, release when you are ready. Reduce risk by releasing your features progressively.

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What is GO Feature Flag?

Quick and Easy Setup

GO Feature Flag believes in simplicity and offers a simple and lightweight solution to use feature flags.

Our focus is to avoid any complex infrastructure work to use the solution.

Complete Feature Flag Solution

Target individual segments, users, and development environments, use advanced rollout functionality.

You can also collect usage data of your flags and be notified of configuration changes.

Developer Optimized

100% Opensource, no vendor locking, supports your favorite languages and is pushing for standardisation with the support of OpenFeature.

File based configuration, integrated with the tools that you already use.

Kotlin / Android
Swift (iOS/tvOS/macOS)

Supports your favorite languages

GO Feature Flag believe in OpenSource and offer providers for the new standard for feature flags OpenFeature.
In combination with the Open Feature SDKs these providers will allow you to use GO Feature Flag with all supported languages.

See our SDKs

Integrates with different systems

GO Feature flag is cloud ready and can retrieve its configuration from various places, store your data usage where you want and notify you when something changes.

  • Retrieve your file from S3, Google Cloud, Github, Kubernetes, and more.

  • Store flags usage in your favorite dataset (S3, GCP, ).

  • Be notified on slack or via a webhook that your flag has changed.

  • You can also extend GO Feature Flag if needed.

Local file
HTTP endpoint
Google Cloud storage
Google PubSub
Apache Kafka

Optimize Feature Launches with Advanced rollout capabilities.
From Progressive Rollouts to Sequential Releases.

Advanced rollout capabilities

Feature flags allows to unlink deploy and release, this means that you can decide how to release a feature without thinking about architecture and complex deployments.

These capabilities will give you more control on your rollout changes and will ensure that everything happened as expected.

  • Rules: Impact only the users you want to target.

  • Canary release: Enable the feature only to a subset of your users.

  • Progressive rollout: Affect from 0% to 100% of users within a time frame, you can monitor while releasing the change.

  • Scheduled Workflows: Modify your flag at a specific time to impact more/less users.

  • A/B testing: Split your audience in multiple groups and track their usage.

Why use feature flags?

Feature flags is a modern software engineering technique that configure select functionality during runtime, without deploying new code.


Test in production

Test directly in production with your real data by enabling the features to your QA. Decrease incident by disabling the feature as soon as a bug arise.


Give autonomy to stakeholders

You don't need a software engineer to release a new feature, empower business stakeholders, no development skills are needed.


Innovate faster

Deploy code when it is convenient (several times a day). Release when it is ready and it brings value. Deliver software to target audiences progressively.


Experiment and learn

Try new features and measure their success while running A/B test. Export who was using which variation and learn what is successful for your business.


Make engineers happy and productive

Have a better developer experience with simplifying how to release, test and deploy your software.

Who is using GO Feature Flag?
chapati systems
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