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Open Feature Support

The easiest way to start with Feature Flags is combination of Open Feature and GO Feature Flag.

At GO Feature Flag, we believe in the power of open standards and the importance of vendor neutrality. That's why we've chosen to rely on Open Feature for our SDKs.

Open Feature is an open standard for feature flag management that provides a unified API and SDK, allowing developers to use feature flags in a vendor neutral way.

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By building our solution on top of Open Feature, we're able to offer a robust, reliable, and extensible feature flagging system that can be easily integrated into any application.

Rather than creating our own custom SDK, we've chosen to provide Open Feature providers as a way to push for standardization and open source as a base for it. This allows us to focus on building a simple and lightweight solution and while getting the best of the standardization.

By using the combination of Open Feature and GO Feature Flag, developers can easily get started with feature flags without any vendor lock-in or complex infrastructure work.

With Open Feature providing a standardized API and SDK, and GO Feature Flag offering a simple and lightweight solution for feature flagging, developers can quickly start experimenting with feature flags in their code.

By leveraging these two powerful and opensource tools together, developers can take advantage of the benefits of feature flags in a faster and more efficient way.

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