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Version: v1.30.0

Migrate from v0.x.x to v1.x.x


Version v1.0.0 has introduced a new flag format that push the limits of GO Feature Flag even further.
NOTE: The flag format from all the versions v0.x.x are still compatible and supported by the v1.0.0.

A command line is available to help you to convert your actual configuration file to the version v1.x.x.

Install the migration command line

Install using Homebrew (mac and linux)

brew tap thomaspoignant/homebrew-tap
brew install go-feature-flag-migration-cli

Install using Scoop (windows)

scoop bucket add org
scoop install go-feature-flag-migration-cli

Install using Docker

docker pull thomaspoignant/go-feature-flag-migration-cli:latest

Use the migration command line

./go-feature-flag-migration-cli \
--input-format=yaml \
--input-file=/config/my-go-feature-flag-config-v0.x.x.yaml \
--output-format=yaml \

The command line has 4 arguments you should specify.

  • input-format: Format of your input file (YAML, JSON or TOML).
  • input-file: Location of the flag file you want to convert.
  • output-format: Format of your output file (YAML, JSON or TOML).
  • output-file: Location of the converted flag file.

Update your flag file

When your file is ready, you just have to replace your file in the location where GO Feature Flag is retrieves it.


If for any reason your file is not readable by GO Feature Flag, it will not break anything, we will keep the latest version we have in memory.

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