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Version: v1.7.0

Deploy the relay proxy

Deploy in Kubernetes using Helm

The relay proxy can be deployed in Kubernetes using a helm chart.
Helm is an invaluable tool for configuring and deploying applications to a Kubernetes environment.

Below are the steps for installing a Helm Chart from a GO Feature Flag Helm repository.


  • Access to a Kubernetes cluster
  • Helm CLI installed on the client machine

Step 1: Prepare and Configure the Repository

Add the repository to Helm with the Helm repository add command and provide a name and the repository URL. For example:

helm repo add go-feature-flag

Step 2: Install the Chart

Install the Helm Chart with the Helm install command and provide the custom repository name, the chart name and any necessary values files.

helm install go-feature-flag/relay-proxy -f values.yaml

Step 3: Verify The Chart Installation

Verify the Helm Chart installation with the Helm list command. For example:

helm list

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