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Version: v1.29.0

Custom exporter

To create a custom exporter you must have a struct that implements the exporter.Exporter interface.

type Exporter interface {
// Export will send the data to the exporter.
Export(context.Context, *log.Logger, []exporter.FeatureEvent) error

// IsBulk return false if we should directly send the data as soon as it is produced
// and true if we collect the data to send them in bulk.
IsBulk() bool

Export is called asynchronously with a list of exporter.FeatureEvent that have been collected.
It is your responsibility to store them where you want.

IsBulk function should return false if the exporter can handle the results in stream mode.
If you decide to manage it in streaming mode, everytime we call a variation the Export function will be called with only on event in the list.

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