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Version: v1.29.0

Log Exporter

The log exporter is here mostly for backward compatibility (originally every variation were logged, but it can be a lot of data for a default configuration).
It will use your logger ffclient.Config.Logger to log every variation changes.

You can configure your output log with the Format field.
It uses a go template format.

Configuration example

// ...
DataExporter: ffclient.DataExporter{
Exporter: &logsexporter.Exporter{
LogFormat: "[{{ .FormattedDate}}] user=\"{{ .UserKey}}\", flag=\"{{ .Key}}\", value=\"{{ .Value}}\"",
// ...

Configuration fields

LogFormat is the template configuration of the output format of your log.
You can use all the key from the exporter.FeatureEvent + a key called FormattedDate that represents the date with the RFC 3339 Format.

Default: [{{ .FormattedDate}}] user="{{ .UserKey}}", flag="{{ .Key}}", value="{{ .Value}}"

Check the godoc for full details.

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