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Version: v1.31.2

Javascript / Typescript SDK usage

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This page describes how to use the OpenFeature Javascript web SDK for your client application.

About this provider

GO Feature Flag provider allows you to connect to your GO Feature Flag instance with the @openfeature/web-sdk.

The main difference between this provider and @openfeature/go-feature-flag-provider is that it uses a static evaluation context. This provider is more sustainable for client-side implementation.

If you want to know more about this pattern, I encourage you to read this blog post.

Install the provider

npm install @openfeature/go-feature-flag-web-provider @openfeature/web-sdk

How to use the provider?

const evaluationCtx: EvaluationContext = {
targetingKey: 'user-key',
email: '',
name: 'John Doe',

const goFeatureFlagWebProvider = new GoFeatureFlagWebProvider({
endpoint: endpoint,
// ...
}, logger);

await OpenFeature.setContext(evaluationCtx); // Set the static context for OpenFeature
OpenFeature.setProvider(goFeatureFlagWebProvider); // Attach the provider to OpenFeature
const client = await OpenFeature.getClient();

// You can now use the client to use your flags
if(client.getBooleanValue('my-new-feature', false)){

// You can add handlers to know what happen in the provider
client.addHandler(ProviderEvents.Ready, () => { ... });
client.addHandler(ProviderEvents.Error, () => { //... });
client.addHandler(ProviderEvents.Stale, () => { //... });
client.addHandler(ProviderEvents.ConfigurationChanged, () => { //... });

Available options

Option nameTypeDefaultDescription
endpointstringendpoint is the URL where your GO Feature Flag server is located.
apiTimeoutnumber0 = no timeout(optional) timeout is the time in millisecond we wait for an answer from the server.
apiKeystring(optional) If GO Feature Flag is configured to authenticate the requests, you should provide an API Key to the provider. Please ask the administrator of the relay proxy to provide an API Key.
websocketRetryInitialDelaynumber100(optional) initial delay in millisecond to wait before retrying to connect the websocket
websocketRetryDelayMultipliernumber2(optional) multiplier of websocketRetryInitialDelay after each failure (example: 1st connection retry will be after 100ms, second after 200ms, third after 400ms ...)
websocketMaxRetriesnumber10(optional) maximum number of retries before considering the websocket unreachable


If the connection to the GO Feature Flag instance fails, the provider will attempt to reconnect with an exponential back-off. The websocketMaxRetries can be specified to customize reconnect behavior.

Event streaming

The GoFeatureFlagWebProvider receives events from GO Feature Flag with changes. Combined with the event API in the web SDK, this allows for subscription to flag value changes in clients.

client.addHandler(ProviderEvents.ConfigurationChanged, (ctx: EventDetails) => {
// do something when the configuration has changed.
// ctx.flagsChanged contains the list of changed flags.

Contribute to the provider

You can find the source of the provider in the open-feature/js-sdk-contrib repository.

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