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Multiple Configuration Flags for GO Feature Flag 🗄️

· 3 min read
Thomas Poignant
Creator of GO Feature Flag

Are you tired of managing your feature flags with a single configuration flag?

We've got good news for you GO feature flag now supports multiple configuration flags! Plus, we've added a new feature that allows all files to be loaded in parallel, making it faster and more efficient.

Retriever Flow

Managing feature flags can be a challenging task, especially as your application grows and becomes more complex. With multiple configuration flags, you can easily manage different feature flag configurations for different apps, user groups, or any other criteria that you need. You can also use the same flags for multiple features, making it easier to maintain and update your code.

In addition to multiple configuration flags, we've also ensured that all files are downloaded in parallel. This means that your feature flag configurations will be downloaded faster and more efficiently, improving the performance of your application.

🚀 Announcing GO Feature Flag v1.0.0

· 5 min read
Thomas Poignant
Creator of GO Feature Flag

GO Feature Flag logo

We are so happy to finally announce that GO Feature Flag v1.0.0 is released. 🎉 🥳 🚀

It was a long journey before this release but we are happy to propose you an even better experience with feature flags always keeping simplicity in mind and building a lightweight solution.

Our goal is still the same, we want you to experience the world of feature flags with a lightweight self-hosted solution.

With this new version you will now be able to enhance your usage of feature flagging with opening the creation of more complex and more advance toggles.

🔊 Feature Flags in Dev’Obs Podcast 🇫🇷

· One min read
Thomas Poignant
Creator of GO Feature Flag

Earlier this week the super cool podcast Dev’Obs asked me to talk about feature flags, go-feature-flag and also the super nice initiative OpenFeature.

The podcast is in French 🇫🇷 (yes I know sorry…) but you can learn a lot of cool things, when to use them, what is OpenFeature about and all the cool things that the feature flags can bring to your developer experience.

Listen it here:

Automate Your Product Release Cycles Using Go Feature Flag

· 5 min read
Thomas Poignant
Creator of GO Feature Flag

When you build a new feature, orchestrating the actual launch schedule between the Product, Engineering, and Marketing teams can be challenging.

While it seems easy to launch something new, a poorly executed rollout can end up being your worst nightmare.

In this article, I will present to you how to use the Go module go-feature-flag to roll out your new features smoothly and help you be confident during the rollout phase. If you are not familiar with the concept of feature flags or feature toggles, I encourage you to read this article by Martin Fowler.

go-feature-flag is a Go module to easily manage your flags. You can refer to this article I wrote a few months ago to understand how it works.

Introduction blog post

· 5 min read
Thomas Poignant
Creator of GO Feature Flag

I absolutely don’t think human/manual QA gates should be involved in between the writing of code and its being live. To avoid breaking things every time and to have an early cutoff system, you should use feature flags.

There are a lot of systems available on the market to manage your flags, like LaunchDarkly or UNLEASH, that have Golang support — but this option is expensive, and you have to host a server somewhere to manage your flags.

From this starting point, I came up with the idea to create a simple library with only one file in the back end. This file can be stored in different places (AWS S3, GitHub, an HTTP endpoint somewhere, etc.). This is the only thing you have to host — all the decision logic stands inside the Go module.

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