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· 3 min read
Thomas Poignant


In the ever-evolving world of software development, feature flag solutions have become instrumental in enabling continuous integration and deployment. These solutions allow developers to toggle features on and off without deploying new code, providing flexibility and control over feature releases.

But sometimes you need to give context about your flag, is it linked to an issue? Do you need a precise description? ... To respond to this, GO Feature Flag has recently introduced an exciting new feature: the ability to add metadata to each flag configuration.

With the version v1.11.0 of GO Feature Flag, developers can now add valuable metadata to their flag configurations. This metadata serves as additional information linked directly to each flag, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of its purpose and context. This metadata can include essential details such as issue tracker links, descriptions, or any other information that developers deem relevant.

· 3 min read
Thomas Poignant


GO Feature Flag Relay Proxy is a powerful tool that enables you to evaluate your feature flags without deploying code changes. It allows you to test and roll out new features to your users gradually, and to monitor the performance of your code in real-time.

With the recent release of version v1.7.0, GO Feature Flag Relay Proxy introduces a new feature that enhances the security of your feature flag evaluations. This new feature allows you to control who can access your relay proxy by configuring API Keys.

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